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K-one develops various automotive parts.
Featured Parts
K-one DANPER replace
K-one Original seat
Participating in the GR86/BRZ Cup
Racing parts for GR86/BRZ Cup use only
List by brand

This is a list of brands offered by K-one, including K-one DAMPER and K-one BRAKEPAD.

List by Category

A list of parts by category, including suspension and aero parts.

List by Car model

This is a parts list divided by vehicle model, such as GR86 and Hiace.


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information and the content of your inquiry.
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form with the parts you would like to order, the quantity,
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The technology allows the user to change the suspension to their liking by replacing the contents while keeping the shape of the stock damper.
It is a K-oneDAMPER replacement . It improves the driving performance of your car while avoiding the risk of malfunction of sensors that are sensitive to changes in vehicle height, such as EyeSight. It is a smart choice. The installation cost will be determined depending on the base genuine damper. Please contact us using the inquiry form.

K-one x BRIDE collaboration seats

[K-one x BRIDE collaboration seats]

launch announcement!

K-one has developed a new seat in collaboration with BRIDE to establish its absolute involvement in motorsports.

This new seat targeted at SUVs, but also suitable for passenger cars, features a camouflage base color on the upholstery.

[Planned sales price]

・165,000 yen (base price, consumption tax not included)

*Seat rail, airbag canceller, labor and shipping charges will be charged separately.

*Product specifications, sales prices, etc. are subject to change.

​Details on the blog

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K-one Damper for Race



• Fully adjustable
• 20-stage damping force adjustment
• The wide range of adjustment allows you to create settings that perfectly suit the circuit and the user's driving style.

• The rear bottom mounting joint is for slick tires.

• Minor changes to the bottom mounting joint from March 2024

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K-one Damper

Custom-made dampers can be produced to unique specifications to meet the user's needs, from modifying the characteristics of genuine dampers to fully adjustable suspension.

We can handle any vehicle model. Please contact the store directly.

Please contact us.

Please contact us

K-one is participating in the GR86/BRZ Cup

K-one Brake Pad (front)

We have prepared two types of pads that correspond to the driver's racing style.

K-one Brake Pad(front)



K-one Brake Pad (rear)

Two types of front brake pads, rear dedicated pads that can be balanced regardless of which one you choose.

K-one Brake Pad (rear)


K-one brake hose

It speeds up the response of brake operation and adds a sense of rigidity.
Limited to vehicles entering the race.




K-one Stabilizer Link

When the vehicle height is lowered, the stock stabilizer link is not long enough,
which changes the vehicle's center of gravity and makes it unstable. It is a part
that prevents such a situation and maximizes the effect of vehicle height



K-oneOHLINS Racing Damper



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K-oneOHLINS Racing Damper

• Full length adjustable.
• 20-stage damping force adjustment.
• The wide range of adjustment allows you to create settings that perfectly suit the circuit and the user's driving style.

• This part is exclusive to the TGR GR86/BRZ Cup.

 Proof of race participation in Japan is required to purchase.

• *Please be sure to present your race number.

• Only race participants can purchase at the proposed price.

• Please order using the special form.

★For Japanese market only.

The K-one parts are refined in motorsports.

Parts development is done at the scene of motor sports.

Since its founding, K-one's parts manufacturing has continued uninterruptedly
Developed at the scene of motor sports. is the basis.

Participated in various motorsports categories,
Searching for settings to win.
have actually been associated with the results

K-one Racing Team.


Put the derived answer into parts as it is
We offer it to users who want to win.

For driving that pushes the limits to the limit
The know-how we have accumulated
Applying to comfortable driving
It achieves the performance demanded by street users.


Performance of K-one developed parts polished on site
Please try it with your favorite car.

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